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Recent Shower Door Project in Santa Cruz

This is a project we just completed near Seascape Resort in Santa Cruz County:


The Sentimental Value of Aging Shower Doors

Hello Chris,

We had our shower doors  put in fourteen years ago. They have a aluminum frame around and on the doors.   I find that the clear caulking around the frame is getting quite dirty with mildew,  and some of it has also come out in some places.  Is it ok to remove this  clear caulk out around the frame and replace it with new clear caulking without causing any damage?  Would greatly appreciate your reply as soon as possible.




Hi Mumtaz,

If your shower doors are fourteen years old, I really wouldn’t worry that much about it. If you can get another year’s worth of use out of them, you are way ahead of the game. Your shower doors are near the end of their expected lifespan. Go ahead and caulk them!

Thanks for writing,