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Blog Post: January 28, 2013


I’ve read a lot of your replies and it really seems like you really know what you’re doing. I have to replace my concrete shower basin and was curious if I’d be able to reuse the frameless glass doors I have now. They are in great condition but will need to be removed in order to replace shower basin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need pics I can send.

One other question, do you know any reputable contractors in the Chicago area that you’d recommend using to replace concrete shower basin?

Thank you very much for your help!




Blog Post: January 21, 2013

My son did a beautiful job cleaning up and re-caulking my shower door. We let it cure four days after completing the job because its cold and damp in winter. The caulk seemed sound for about 2 weeks, then began to expand, and get gooey. Nasty! What happened? It is impossible to put latex caulk in an application formerly “occupied” by silicone?


Michelle in central CA

Blog Post: January 9, 2013


Your blog is the best out there. I am learning A LOT!
I saw these 2 pictures and have questions.

I would love to do this but I think making 2 “windows” in the wall and installing the narrowest Kohler frameless ‘falling rain’ glass door on the angle opening -will be a lot cheaper and much easier on my tile man. Not as pretty for sure! But would you hazard a guess as to what I might save going that route (I would have two tall support columns on either side of the door, correct?).

My layout has a vanity where your door opens into. Otherwise very much the same is planned (not started yet). To complicate matters, I am in AZ for months and my contractor and house is in NY!

Appreciate your time! THANKS!