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Installing Showers in Older Homes

August 20, 2010

Working in and around Santa Cruz County is a lot of fun. There are many great older homes with really interesting architecture. I get a lot of opportunities to work in homes that have been around for a long time. Older homes present a number of challenges. Floors and walls are rarely plumb, level, or square. Installing a glass door that will operate properly in an out-of-square condition requires and advanced degree of expertise. A big part of what we do is to solve the issues presented by out-of-square openings. My job is to make the bathroom look great, and to draw attention away from the imperfections that may exist.

Another challenge to working in these old fashioned bathrooms is the fact that the tile is old, and can be very brittle. It is also nearly impossible to match, should tiles get broken during the shower door installation. In the shower stall shown here, the original fixtures are brass, and have faded over time. We used a hardware finish called “Antique Brass” to make the new shower enclosure blend in with its surroundings.


Just completed in Aptos, CA

August 11, 2010

This is job we just completed in Aptos, CA. It is a frameless inline shower enclosure with 1/2″ thick glass and chrome hardware. This particular shower stall has a bench in it. The fixed panel is notched to accommodate the shape of the bench exactly, and is secured using brackets, also called “glass clamps.”

Showers with benches are becoming more and more popular in the Santa Cruz area. Although 3/8″ clear tempered glass is still the most common thickness of glass used, more people are asking for the 1/2″ glass thickness for their shower enclosures. When it comes to 1/2″ glass shower doors, Showcase Shower Door Company offers competitive prices and superior service.

3/8″ Frameless Shower Enclosure in Aptos, CA

August 4, 2010

This is one of the frameless shower enclosures we have been working on in the past couple of days. The home is located in Aptos, CA near Freedom Blvd. This bathroom was recently remodeled, and we were hired to add the finishing touches.

3/8" clear tempered - heavy glass shower - frameless glass frameless enclosure - custom installation - 3/8" glass

This heavy glass frameless enclosure is constructed using clear tempered glass and chrome brackets, hinges, and handles. We handled the entire job, all the way from design to installation. The homeowner also elected to protect the new shower enclosure with TEKON surface treatment to prevent hard water stains.

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