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A problem-solver’s dream job

I LOVE shower doors. This business is such a great source of challenges and opportunities to be creative. This weekend, I was able to complete the installation of a very nice heavy glass steam shower enclosure in Santa Cruz.

20130609-080001.jpg        20130609-204329.jpg

The project turned out very nice, and I’m really pleased with the result. There were, however, a few real challenges involved. The enclosure is floor to ceiling, and the shower is “curb-less” so there is very little room to work. Add to that the fact that the bathroom is very small, all of the walls, ceiling, and floor are out of square… There are a whole series of challenges right from the start.

The layout part of every project is the most critical part. Every measurement must be precise, and every outage in plumb and level needs to be accounted for. This particular enclosure required a number of exposed notches. Not only did we need to notch around the bench, there were additional notches required for a bullnose and accent tiles. The largest piece of glass is the fixed panel on the right.