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Using concrete anchors in shower door installations

Hey Chris,

Found your blog online – perhaps you can help… We’re looking into getting a frameless 36″ shower door (67-68″ high), because we dislike the look of a panel. We have one company telling us they can do it with hinges that hold up to 110 lbs, no stud needed, another saying they’ll only do it if there is a stud where the door goes in, and a third saying they just won’t do it. Who is right on this one?  The ones who said they don’t need studs calculated the weight of the door to be 85 lbs.




Hi Tal,

It is always good to have a stud to anchor into… that rarely happens, though… There are a number of different types of anchors that can be used in a tile wall to secure the hinges properly, providing there is something solid behind the tile. Cement board (also known as HardieBacker or DUROCK) will easily support the weight of your shower door. It is just a matter of using the proper screws and anchors. We generally use #10 screws (the ones supplied by the hinge manufacturer) and concrete anchors. I haven’t had an issue with this combination in any of the shower enclosures that I have installed.

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