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Bringing in the New Year

Now that 2010 is nearly over, it’s time to start thinking about what the new year will bring us. We have good reason to be optimistic about 2011. This has been a great year for custom interior glass work in Santa Cruz County… at least it has been for Showcase Shower Door! We have been especially busy this month getting shower doors and custom mirror projects done in time for the holidays. We have also been blessed to have been awarded more commercial projects this year as well. Right now we are in the process of working on a major remodel at Terrace Court Motel in Santa Cruz. There are a total of 12 rooms being remodeled, and each of them is getting one of our custom frameless heavy glass enclosures. We are also in the process of installing a custom frameless shower enclosure at the new Pure Valley Water store in Scotts Valley, CA.


It has been our pleasure to work with a lot of great local contractors this year too. These are the companies that keep the steady stream of projects coming in all year long, and we really appreciate them! I want to take this opportunity to give a “shout out” to all of the quality builders who use Showcase Shower Door for their enclosures, custom mirrors, glass shelves, glass backsplashes, and other assorted specialty glass projects.

Special thanks to: Alsman Construction Co., Cairn Construction, Carr Construction, Cort Hellenthal, CR Hunt Building & Design Inc., Elite Construction Services Inc., James Reilly Contracting, Jared Lewis Construction, JHK Builders, Larry Favor General Building, Medina Project, North Coast Construction, Ryder Web Construction, Santa Cruz Kitchen & Bath, Vic Brooks Construction, Wald Ruhnke & Dost, and Westport Builders, Inc.,

Thanks everyone, and have a most excellent 2011!


What to do about mirror “Black Edge”

Do you have a mirror in your bathroom that has started to develop dark, cloudy looking discoloration at the bottom? Your mirror is suffering from “Black Edge.” The silvering on the back of your mirror has been infiltrated by a type of contaminant that has begun eating it away like a cancer. It is actually more like rust… The back of your mirror has begun to oxidize, and the black edge will continue to spread over time. The mirrors that we install are treated with a product that seals the edges of the silvering, protecting them from the dreaded black edge. Unfortunately, most glass contractors don’t.


If you have a mirror that is very important to you, due to sentimental value, you may be able to have it re-silvered. This can be expensive, and it is almost always more economical to replace the mirror. Showcase Shower Door does not provide re-silvering, but we can replace the mirror that you do have. We can also add a frame to your existing mirror to cover the edge that has turned black. We work with MirrorMate frames, which allows us to install a frame in the style and color of your choice without removing the existing mirror. This is a great way to make the old mirror look new again without spending a lot of money. Even if there is nothing wrong with your existing mirror, a MirrorMate custom frame adds a touch of elegance to an existing mirror. Click here to download a flyer.

Working with General Contractors in Santa Cruz

Business is brisk here at Showcase Shower Door. This October marked five years in business in Santa Cruz County, and we are fortunate to have made quite a reputation for ourselves. One of the things that helps us to compete with the many glass shops in Santa Cruz are the relationships that we have with general contractors in the area. While the average homeowner will only purchase one or two shower doors or enclosures in their lifetime, contractors purchase shower doors all of the time. It seems that the more experience a contractor has with shower door installations, the more likely they are to be doing business with us. I have had building contractors who, after using our services, have tried other, less expensive glass shops to do their shower doors. They always seem to call us back after a while. It is really hard to find anyone who can match our high quality standards and exceptional service.


I also get a lot of calls from homeowners who have been referred by various contractors who have either hired us in the past, or have worked on the same jobs that we have, and have seen the work that we do. It means a lot to me to have established that kind of a rapport with the community, especially with master craftsmen who know the difference. I have had people tell me more than once that my bid was not the lowest one that they collected, but that they wanted me to do the work anyway. Pretty much any glass shop will do your shower enclosure for you. Showcase Shower Door is the one that you can count on to be knowledgeable, to respond quickly, to tell you the truth, and always deliver the absolute highest quality product.