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Impressive Advances in Glass Adhesives

Hello there!

We just replaced a shower door in a very small bathroom with no wall space for a towel bar.  Without realizing it, our contractor purchased a lovely shower door which has ‘knobs’ rather than the shower handle/towel bar.  Is there any way to retrofit a handle onto the door?  Does such a product exist?  I’ve called around many places, and then while “Googling” found your website.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Anne Forte

Hi Anne,

As you probably know, shower doors are made using tempered glass, and tempered glass cannot be cut, drilled, or otherwise fabricated. There have, however, been some impressive advances in glass adhesives. Today, it is possible to glue on a handle or a towel bar. Having at least one hole in the glass to run a bolt through helps to give you a firm anchor point. We have used high-strength glass adhesive to install handles and towel bars on a number of occasions. There are even glass hinges that are designed to be used with hi-tech glass glue. Most people aren’t ready to trust the actual mounting of their heavy glass door to glue, though. At least not yet…

There are a few types of adhesives that work excellent with glass and metal, and create a strong, permanent bond. You can contact your local high-end glass shop to get more information about the types of glass adhesives that are available. Most are activated by ultraviolet light, and take a little expertise to use. If you have any trouble finding what you are looking for, you can always contact us directly at (831) 272-2341.

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Clarvista, Showerguard, and Diamond Seal


I am wondering if you could give me the information explaining the basic difference in Diamond Seal and Clarvista Glass? I understand that Clarvista is comparable to Showerguard Glass but need to be sure of the differences?

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Hi Jana,

That is a great question. I have to admit that I don’t know a great deal about Clarvista or Showerguard, but my understanding is that they are basically different brand names for the same product. Years ago, when I first began looking at hydrophobic glass products and coatings, Showerguard was one that I considered. I never did use it for a number of reasons. One: it was just WAY more expensive than the competing products. Two: The samples that I was sent by my glass supplier looked very different than clear glass to me. Three: it came with a ten-year warrantee, and couldn’t be re-treated to improve performance if the need ever did arise.




At the time that I first started specializing in shower doors, there were a couple of competing products. One was called “Diamon Fusion,” another was called “Tekon.” I actually steered clear of using these products, for the most part, until it was clear which product was the best. Eventually it became obvious that Tekon (now called “Diamond Seal”) was by far the best product. Diamond Seal comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warrantee, and the folks at Micro Med (manufacturers of Diamond Seal) stand behind their product 100%. This means that if a customer has a problem with the treatment (something that almost never happens) I am able to send them to the Diamond Seal people directly. That, in itself, is a huge source of peace-of-mind for us at Showcase Shower Door.

It may be that Clarvista offers all of the same warrantees and services, but if they do, I am not aware of it.

I hope this helps!


What to do about mirror “Black Edge”

Do you have a mirror in your bathroom that has started to develop dark, cloudy looking discoloration at the bottom? Your mirror is suffering from “Black Edge.” The silvering on the back of your mirror has been infiltrated by a type of contaminant that has begun eating it away like a cancer. It is actually more like rust… The back of your mirror has begun to oxidize, and the black edge will continue to spread over time. The mirrors that we install are treated with a product that seals the edges of the silvering, protecting them from the dreaded black edge. Unfortunately, most glass contractors don’t.


If you have a mirror that is very important to you, due to sentimental value, you may be able to have it re-silvered. This can be expensive, and it is almost always more economical to replace the mirror. Showcase Shower Door does not provide re-silvering, but we can replace the mirror that you do have. We can also add a frame to your existing mirror to cover the edge that has turned black. We work with MirrorMate frames, which allows us to install a frame in the style and color of your choice without removing the existing mirror. This is a great way to make the old mirror look new again without spending a lot of money. Even if there is nothing wrong with your existing mirror, a MirrorMate custom frame adds a touch of elegance to an existing mirror. Click here to download a flyer.

Working with General Contractors in Santa Cruz

Business is brisk here at Showcase Shower Door. This October marked five years in business in Santa Cruz County, and we are fortunate to have made quite a reputation for ourselves. One of the things that helps us to compete with the many glass shops in Santa Cruz are the relationships that we have with general contractors in the area. While the average homeowner will only purchase one or two shower doors or enclosures in their lifetime, contractors purchase shower doors all of the time. It seems that the more experience a contractor has with shower door installations, the more likely they are to be doing business with us. I have had building contractors who, after using our services, have tried other, less expensive glass shops to do their shower doors. They always seem to call us back after a while. It is really hard to find anyone who can match our high quality standards and exceptional service.


I also get a lot of calls from homeowners who have been referred by various contractors who have either hired us in the past, or have worked on the same jobs that we have, and have seen the work that we do. It means a lot to me to have established that kind of a rapport with the community, especially with master craftsmen who know the difference. I have had people tell me more than once that my bid was not the lowest one that they collected, but that they wanted me to do the work anyway. Pretty much any glass shop will do your shower enclosure for you. Showcase Shower Door is the one that you can count on to be knowledgeable, to respond quickly, to tell you the truth, and always deliver the absolute highest quality product.

…easy being “Green”

Being environmentally conscious almost goes without saying when you do the bulk of your work in Santa Cruz County. Our customers are also neighbors, and we all love the natural beauty and excellent climate Santa Cruz offers. We have the ocean, the redwoods, the mountains, the parks, the beach, and all of the great people to enjoy. We definitely want to do our part to keep it that way. We do a number of things to keep our operation here as green as possible. Glass is environmentally friendly in the sense that it is bio-degradable, and has no polluting effect on the environment. Still, we want to do everything that we can to limit the amount of broken glass that is going into Santa Cruz landfills.

We keep glass fabrication to a minimum by having much of the work done remotely. This limits the amount of scrap glass that we produce, not to mention the abrasives, sealants, and solvents needed for fabrication in the glass industry. As a result, these materials are not being released into the air that we breathe or the water we drink. We have no facility in Santa Cruz to speak of. Just a tiny commercial location suitable for receiving the glass and other materials we need to do the work we perform here. We also order our materials from companies that are close by. Our suppliers are located in Santa Clara, Fremont, Modesto, and Union City. This helps limit fuel consumption, while supporting California businesses. We also have an aggressive recycling program. We recycle aluminum, brass, cardboard, plastic, and as much glass as possible. These are just a few of the things Showcase Shower Door is doing to help protect our environment.