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Silicone as a Glass Bonding Agent

Hi Chris,

Our frameless L shaped shower has a glass brace fitted above the section which has the door. They have attached this to the glass uprights with silicon. Is this strong enough or are you supposed to use a glass bonding agent?

Best wishes,

Mike and Gail

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Dear Mike and Gail,

Silicone is actually one of the best bonding agents available for glass. It is used in many commercial applications where it is the primary structural fastener in those systems. The ability of silicone to stretch and compress makes it the ideal sealant and adhesive for glass. We all know that glass is unforgiving in nature. It doesn’t want to bend, stretch, or compress. Silicone helps to make up for this.

The down side to using silicone as an adhesive is that it takes a long time to cure (about 24 hours). It’s also a bit messy to work with, and not very easy to clean up. If I need to glue something in a hurry, I will use a different adhesive, but I prefer silicone to anything else. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Have a great day!



Adhesive to Retrofit Shower Door Handle to Glass Shower Door

Online I came across a post from Chris about new adhesives that work great to adhere metal shower handles to a glass shower door.  Can you recommend any specific product names?  I’ve seen some sites that suggest rear-view mirror adhesives such as J-B Weld.  Might those work?


Skip in Dallas

Adhesive for glass

Adhesive for glass

Hi Skip,

Yes, I think the adhesives you are talking about may work just fine. Over the years, I have tried a number of different ones, with differing levels of success. The truth is, I have had the least success with the ones that are supposed to work the best. These are the UV (ultraviolet light) cure adhesives for glass and metal.

I have had the best results using two-part epoxies. The challenging thing about using them is that they are pretty runny, and are hard to work with on a vertical surface. I recently gave this “STIK’N SEAL” adhesive a try… It’s made by Locktite, and it works great! It is also pretty viscous, so it is a bit easier to work with on a door that is already installed. The shower is a pretty wet environment, so you want something that can hold up to extreme conditions as well.

Give it a try!