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Installing a Frameless Shower Door in a Fiberglass Surround


I purchased online a 3/8″ glass frameless swing door with panel for my fiberglass shower insert.  I am struggling with hanging the door. I put the molly anchors (plastic looks like they were designed for tile) in the holes I drilled and they just dropped into the insert since they had no lip. There are two door hinges with four 2″ screws each.  There is a stud, but it is approx. 2 1/4″ in.  Any recommendations for mounting the hinges?

Read some folks say not to install into the studs since it could pull the fiberglass in, others say it could not be done, and others mention SNAPTOGGLE or your Toggler Toggle Bolts. Would prefer to find anchors that I can use with the nickel plated screws. The company I ordered from ensured me before I bought that I could install their frameless door in fiberglass, and when asked today said I could just use the molly anchors they sent.

Thanks for any advice,


Hi Jake,

I think the simplest solution is to use longer screws. If there is a stud 2-1/4” from the surface of the insert, just use some 3” screws. Anchoring directly into a stud is always going to be the best way to go. I would be concerned about using toggle bolts on a fiberglass surround… the weight of the door could bust trough the fiberglass if the insert itself was actually holding the weight of the door.

There are some who would suggest that you should never install a frameless door in a fiberglass shower insert, but I have done this in the past with good results. Even if the insert is installed on top of hardiebacker, concrete anchors will give you the support you need for hanging a frameless door of a reasonable size and thickness.

Let me know how everything works out,



  1. November 19, 2015 at 1:11 am

    Easy to read article!! Hope to see more from you!! Thank you very much!!

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