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RE: Shower door install

Hi Chris,

Glad I found you!  I recently purchased a glass shower enclosure for a project I’m working on.  The enclosure features two 15 inch stationary panels with roughly a 28 in door between them.  The panels are connected by rails at the top and bottom that support the door. Each stationary panel is fastened to the wall with two brackets.   In reading the installation instructions, it says to place the 15 inch panels directly on the porcelain threshold without any shims.  It seems dangerous to me to put the glass edge on such a hard surface.  The rails do not support the glass panels but rather just attach to them so they do not keep the glass off the tile either.  The manufacturer technical rep is telling me to place the panels gently and it should be OK.  I suggested using shims but he said I would need to shim the entire bottom and the bottom rail.   Any thoughts?  Am I OK resting the panels directly on the shower curb?  Thanks!


Hi John,

I would never set glass directly on the tile curb. You need something, even if it is a very thin plastic shim, between the glass and a hard surface. Go with your gut!


Chris Phillips


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