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RE: Very Helpful!

Amazing blog, Chis!

I’m replacing a very small shower insert in my basement (32×32) to a larger custom tiled shower. The new shower will have glass on 2 sides.  It will probably end up being 44×36.

I’m leaning towards a framed shower because I don’t want leaking. I’m very concerned about mold because of the high humidity in the basement during the summer months.

Is silicon used with the channeled method in mounting the glass? Silicone seems to be a mold catcher. Also, seems like the little weep holes might collect mold as well.

I’m probably going to go with the “rain” glass and the Clearshield. I like the look of clear glass, but know that the kids and the husband will never squeegee the shower. We have hard water.

I’m trying to find an option that will be the least amount of maintenance while still getting a much larger shower.

Thank you so much in advance.

Lynn Steele

Hi Lynn,

I’m, glad that you like my blog! Thanks for taking time to write in.

If you want to prevent water from getting out of your shower you are smart to choose a framed shower enclosure. There is really no way to avoid using some sort of caulk to seal the enclosure, especially if you want to prevent leaking. The fact is, silicone is the best type of sealant for this purpose. The good news is that silicone is also available in a mildew resistant formula. This will help with limiting the mold growth. As far as weep holes go, there is no way to really avoid them, and they shouldn’t promote mold growth, necessarily.  Anyway, you should be able to find mildew resistant silicone at your local home improvement store.

“Rain” glass is also a good choice. It is probably the most popular type of obscured glass on the market today, and does a good job at hiding water spots. The additional protective coating should help you achieve your goal of making the shower easier to maintain as well.  It sounds like you have thought this through… I think you are on the right track! Let me know how things work out.


Chris Phillips


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