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Glass Ceilings; Sometimes They’re a Good Thing.

Hi Chris,

We are looking to install a frameless shower in our bathroom that has very high ceilings. I was hoping to put a glass ceiling on it to get more of a steam room effect.

Is it possible to do this?



Hi Brad,

Yes, we did a project just like that in Carmel, California a few years back. The bathroom had open rafters, and the homeowner wanted to contain the steam with a glass ceiling. The “lid” needed to slope a little in order to allow condensation to run-off into one corner. That posed a couple of other challenges as well.  We accomplished this by having a custom unit made that was comprised of two 1/4″ pieces of clear tempered glass laminated together.

The result was a single unit that was 64-1/2″ X 43-1/4″ and 9/16″ thick. Having the glass both tempered and lamented insured that if it was ever to break due to an earthquake, the glass would not fall into the shower. The panel fit perfectly, and the result was more incredible than we had imagined. The house we were working in was just beautiful, and the homeowners were so nice. It was a great experience.

Thanks for your question, Brad… It has brought back some really nice memories.


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