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Using Adheasive to Attach a Shower Door Handle


We have a rental with a handle that has come off an 18 year old glass shower door. One end is bolted on the frame of the with a single bolt and the other end was glued directly to the glass with what appears to be a HS double sided 1.5″ diameter clear tape. The handle has separated from the glass leaving the impossible to remove HS tape on the glass and the handle hanging.

Three questions:

1) Can another HS double sided tape be placed over the top of the old tape, which is smooth and unscathed, on the door with out loosing strength ?

2) Where can I find this tape, numerous phone calls here in San Jose have revealed that no one here has any idea of what I’m talking about?

3) Is there an alternative method of removing the old double sided tape from the glass and gluing the handle to the glass, if i can’t get the tape?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Doug


Hi Doug,

If it were me, I wouldn’t bother trying to replace the hi-bond tape. It will end up being more trouble than necessary. There are some great adhesives available… some are made especially for the purpose of gluing metal to glass. The “Lock-Tite” company makes some that are activated by ultraviolet light, and are widely used in the industry. In your case, the most simple and economical way to approach it would be to do one of two things:

1) Go to the hardware store and find a repair kit for gluing a rear view mirror on to a windshield. This is an excellent way to buy a small amount of the same adhesive that the automakers use to attach rear-view mirrors. It’s great stuff.

2) Try some of the fast curing two-part epoxy that is available. It also will be just fine for your particular application. Just read the instructions to make sure that it works on glass and metal, and do the necessary preparation proscribed by the manufacturer.

Good luck with your home project!


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