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DIY – Why Not Give it a Try?


We have a 5 yr old sterling shower door that has some mold growing under the clear seal that holds the glass in the aluminum frame.  I was thinking of taking this apart (it has screws in each corner holding it together) and cleaning it.  The gasket looks ok.  My question is, is the gasket reusable, and if not, where could I buy one?  Would I be ruining the integrity of the door by taking it apart?  When I bought it, the panel came sealed and assembled. Thanks!



Hi Pete,

If your door is only five years old it is probably in good enough shape to survive being disassembled and reassembled again. Generally, the gaskets hold up well, and can usually be reused. If for some reason you are unable to make the old gasket work, I’m sure you can contact the manufacturer of the shower door and order a replacement part. Sterling is a Kohler company, so you should have no problem getting help from them, if you need it.

Best of luck!


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