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Impressive Advances in Glass Adhesives

Hello there!

We just replaced a shower door in a very small bathroom with no wall space for a towel bar.  Without realizing it, our contractor purchased a lovely shower door which has ‘knobs’ rather than the shower handle/towel bar.  Is there any way to retrofit a handle onto the door?  Does such a product exist?  I’ve called around many places, and then while “Googling” found your website.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Anne Forte

Hi Anne,

As you probably know, shower doors are made using tempered glass, and tempered glass cannot be cut, drilled, or otherwise fabricated. There have, however, been some impressive advances in glass adhesives. Today, it is possible to glue on a handle or a towel bar. Having at least one hole in the glass to run a bolt through helps to give you a firm anchor point. We have used high-strength glass adhesive to install handles and towel bars on a number of occasions. There are even glass hinges that are designed to be used with hi-tech glass glue. Most people aren’t ready to trust the actual mounting of their heavy glass door to glue, though. At least not yet…

There are a few types of adhesives that work excellent with glass and metal, and create a strong, permanent bond. You can contact your local high-end glass shop to get more information about the types of glass adhesives that are available. Most are activated by ultraviolet light, and take a little expertise to use. If you have any trouble finding what you are looking for, you can always contact us directly at (831) 272-2341.

Best Wishes,


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