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Letters from Our Visitors

Over the past few months, I have been receiving emails from visitors to the website who have shower door related questions. Here is an example of one recent exchange:

Dear Chris,

Just studied your great web site. I have a question for you.

I have the standard 60 inch wide walk in shower and want to replace the sliding framed doors with one fixed clear glass panel and one hinged panel.

Can the fixed say 30 inch wide by 82 to 84 inch tall panel be attached to the wall with two or three of the typical glass panel attachments, and likewise to the floor WITHOUT any top support and still be steady ? Should both panels be 1/2 inch thick in order for the fixed panel to be steady?

Thanks in advance for your advise to a former California resident, now retired in Florida.


Herman Bergman

Hi Herman,

Thanks for writing! I guess “steady” is a relative term. 3/8” glass does flex a bit, especially when it is more than 80” tall. We install 3/8” glass that is over 80” tall on a regular basis. If the glass is tempered, it is definitely strong enough for the application.

On the other hand, it really isn’t that much more expensive to go ahead and use 1/2” glass instead. Half inch glass will give you the added strength that you are concerned about, and also an added touch of elegance that is really worth it.

I hope this helps,


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