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Thanks for Your Support

Hi Chris,

We are in the process of setting the tile for our walk in shower. The panel is 3/8 tempered glass 31 inches wide by 84 inches tall. The plan is to set the glass on the float and tile it in place on the curb and up the wall. I have been worried about the loose corner and if the glass will be supported enough by being tiled in on the 2 sides. I found your web site by searching the internet and noticed on your Blog page with the pictures dated April 11 2011 and noticed the support bar in the picture. Where would I be able to find hardware like that and do you think tiling in the glass is a good or bad idea?



Hi Bill,

Thanks for writing. I think the plan you have for installing your 3/8” panel is just fine. I am imagining that the bottom horizontal edge and one vertical edge will be captured by some sort of a channel or a groove in the substrate. I think that as long as you have at least ½” of “bite” along each of the captured edges you will have no trouble. The 3/8” panel will flex, a bit, if you don’t have support for the opposing corner. Some people are uncomfortable with that, but most frameless enclosures are actually installed that way (with no support at the top.)

There is the option of adding a support bar at the top exposed corner. One great thing about that is it doesn’t require any glass fabrication, so it can be added as an afterthought. You can try your shower screen without the support bar, and if you decide later that you want one you can add it on. You can purchase that from Showcase Shower Door in a variety of finishes to match your other fixtures. I am pretty sure that you won’t need one in your case, though.

Thanks again,


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