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Why are your prices so low?

I had a really interesting conversation with a customer this morning. He was calling me back about an estimate we provided a few days ago. After answering a few of the standard questions that customers normally ask, he said “I have one more question for you…” He then went on to tell me that my price was a lot lower then my competitors, and he was wondering why. I jokingly said that I would have to raise my prices, and after a little chuckle I told him frankly; Any smart business owner wants to offer the lowest price possible for the product or service that they provide. Now we don’t have the lowest prices in the industry. There are some companies that have slightly lower prices than we do… and there are others who charge much more.

We are able to keep our prices low by being organized, efficient, and not spending a lot on overhead. Showcase Shower Door Company is strictly a mobile service… we don’t have a brick-and-mortar showroom location. We do work by appointment, and go directly to the customer. So far, this has worked really well for us. We use this website as our showroom, and are able to bring product samples to our potential customers personally. Another way that I am able to keep prices competitive is by doing the work myself. This allows me to bring the highest possible level of quality to each project while minimizing problems and mistakes. Now, as time goes on our business is increasing. The day will inevitably will come when I can no longer do every job myself for the same price. It’s basic supply and demand. When that day comes I will have to decide if I will raise prices and continue doing the work myself, or keep prices the same and have employees do the work. Until then, I will continue to do each project personally.


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